By HR-

Employee File Contain(at the time of joining)

1.Personal Information form
2.Copy Of updated CV
3.Copy of offer letter
4.Copy of appointment letter
5.Welcome letter
6.Confirmation Letter
7.Interview assessment sheet
8.Education certificate (SSC, HSC/ Diploma, Degree)
9.Experience certificate
10.Salary certificate
11.Employee joining report
12.PAN Number Copy
13.Passport Copy (if Any)
14. Physical Fitness Certificate
15. Photo Id proof
16.Salary Slip of current employment
17.PF Forms
18. ESI form
19.Employee Superannuation Form
20.Employee Group Gratuity Form
21.Group Medical Insurance Policy Proposal Form for Employees
22.Life Insurance Beneficiary Form
23.Form 12B – Form for furnishing details of income under section 192(2) {Salary Declaration}
24.Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading
25.Declaration/ Undertaking
26.Declaration of Dependents
28.Copy of employee ID card ( ID number )
29.Detail of family members
30.Nominee detail ( for PF, ESI, Gratuity etc amount )
31.Mail Communication printouts
32.Copy of Employee Agreement/Employment letter
33.Declaration to be bound by staff rules
34.Declaration of fidelity and secrecy
35.Salary Slips of last three months from the previous employer
36.Reliving / Resignation Letter
37.Contact Details in case of emergency
38.Employment Application along with attested photograph
39.Form I-9 ( Employee eligibility verification )

Documents given to the employee once they have joined the organization

1.The company’s vision & mission statement
2.The Policy manual
3.Their Job profile
4. HR manual containing some general policies regarding leave, reimbursement rules
5.A Directory or Sheet containing important Telephone nos. & Ext. nos.
6.Organizational Structure
7.HR Policies
8.List of special welfare policies
9.Employee events planned for the quarter
10.Office layout to cafeteria & restrooms and other important areas.
11.Company’s Do’s and Dont’s
12.Their Annual Action Plan -to be submitted back after a month –LPG
13. Copy of all the Code of Conduct Forms.
14. List of Holidays

Documents to be maintained during the cycle of employment ( Keep updating time to time )

1.Appraisal Forms
2.Performance Related Pay / Bonus Letter
3.Promotion Letter
4.Copy of any certificate/degree get after joining an organization
5.Attested copy of any change in address, contact detail etc
6.Record of Leave
7.Attendance record
8.List of project/task performing
9.Maternity Detail
10.Any upgradation either from employee or employer side
11.Checklist ( should be filled during first 2 weeks and then after 3 months)

Documents to be required at time of reliving

1.Noticed period (15/30 days)
2.Clearance Certificate (no dues certificate )
3.Exit interview Form
4.Reliving & Experience letter
5.Retirement detail
6.List of Forms :-
*Transfer of PF ( Form 13 )
*Refund of PF ( Form 19 )
*Refund of Pension ( Form 10C )
*Monthly Pension ( Form 10D )
*Claim for Gratuity ( Form I )
*Superannuation ( Transfer of employee’s fund, claim for pension

In case of death; HR concerned will be claimed to following forms duly filed by legal heirs
*Provident fund
*Employee Pension Scheme

Documents may differ company to company